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By activating a TAN as a Session-TAN, you can execute as many securities transactions in a session as you like, without having to confirm each order with a separate TAN.

How do I activate the Session-TAN functionality?

If you would like to use the Session-TAN functionality for your securities transactions, click on the checkbox on the login page using the mouse. A small checkmark appears. Then click on the “Execute Login” button.

Activation of the Session TAN for securities orders

On the next page, you will see information and notes on activation of the Session-TAN for securities orders.

Please read this information carefully.

To activate your Session-TAN, please enter the requested TAN. Then click on the "execute" button.

TAN-Input: Activate Session TAN

If your order was executed with no errors, you will receive a confirmation on the next page.

Session TAN for securities orders successfully activated

Your Session-TAN for securities orders was successfully activated.

From that point on, you will see a notification of the active Session-TAN below the left-hand navigation bar.

Session TAN active

How do I end the Session-TAN functionality?

If you would like to end your Session-TAN functionality, please always log out using the "Customer-Logout". This prevents unauthorized users from accessing your account.

Please note that the use of a Session-TAN is generally limited to 24 hours. For your security, the session is ended automatically after 10 minutes if no activity is detected.